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          A.U.S.S.I. (Alumnarum Ursulae Sanctae Societas Internationalis) is the National Associations of Ursuline Past Pupils. It was founded in 1960 to develop friendly relationships between past pupils of all Ursuline schools; all past pupils are automatically members.


          A.U.S.S.I. G.B. meets about 5 times a year, 3 with Mass and an optional lunch, a Summer outing and an Annual General Meeting.

          Please click 这里 to see the A.U.S.S.I. programme for 2019.


          For any further inquires please contact

          President – A.U.S.S.I.  G.B. Association of Ursuline Past Pupils

          Thérèse Havery (nèe Longworth)

          Email: t这里se.havery@btinternet.com
          www.facebook.com/T这里se Havery/Ursuline Alumni U.K./A.U.S.S.I.


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