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          Individual Learning Needs

          “My teaching assistant is great, she will explain things again and again until she’s sure I understand, it’s much easier to learn when I’m getting the extra time I need.” Student


          It is the expectation that all students, who are ready for secondary school in a mainstream setting, will be accessing the curriculum in the classroom with differentiated teaching and additional support when appropriate.

          Looked After Children

          The school has a designated teacher for children who are in the care of their Local Authority. They work in partnership with the child’s social worker to produce a Personal Education Plan (PEP) to ensure that educational and social needs are met.

          Special Educational Needs

          At the Ursuline we aim to cater for the individual learning needs of all students in line with the new Code of Practise. The students identified with additional needs are placed on the Learning Support register at one of two levels:

          There are four reasons for being placed on the SEN Register;

          1. Communication and interaction
          2. Cognition and learning
          3. Social, mental and emotional health
          4. Sensory and/or physical

          Students who have an Educational Healthcare Plan (EHCP) will receive extra support and guidance in some of their lessons from Teaching Assistants who will work in partnership with the Subject Teacher to help students to access the curriculum. Where appropriate, students may also be withdrawn from some lessons for one to one or small group support on, for example, reading and writing skills, organisational skills and raising self- esteem.  All students on the register have an SEN profile to inform all subject teachers of the specific learning challenges so that they can differentiate their work accordingly. Extra support is given to students as deemed necessary and the progress of these students is coordinated and monitored by the Special Educational Needs Coordinator (SENCO).

          Students on the Special Educational needs register may also need assessment and support from other professionals including the Educational Psychologist, Speech and language therapist, the learning and Behaviour Team and the Social inclusion manager. Once again, these referrals are managed by the Special Educational needs Co-Ordinator.

          Primary School Leavers

          At the end of Year 6, students on the SEN Register in their primary schools may be asked to complete a diagnostic test to enable us to provide targeted support upon their arrival in Year 7. This support may include reading intervention to raise their reading age, enabling them to access National Curriculum tests, and support with numeracy to embed basic numeracy skills.

          SEN Information Report

          The school information report links directly to the SEN Policy in our school policies section of the website.

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          SEN REPORT 2019

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