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          Teaching and Learning

          “Innovation is always evidence based.” 老师


          At the Ursuline we set standards of excellence in teaching and learning to provide a broad, balanced and relevant curriculum.

          Academic standards and progress are exemplary at every stage. 老师s have high expectations and challenge students to attain the highest standards. We are proud of their achievements.

          At Ursuline High School, we aim to provide excellent teaching and a personalised education within an environment of exemplary behaviour and high standards. We offer a diverse and expert teaching staff of highly motivated professionals who share a determination to do the best for every student.

          In all lessons, we aim to develop the students’ skills with particular focus on challenge and assessment for learning. Student feedback is really important to us. To support this, Learning 会议 are organised throughout the year for all year groups, according to their needs. This year, conferences have primarily focused on developing study skills, revision techniques, memory and preparing for examinations.

          Teacher development is at the heart of all we do. Teachers are engaged in subject specific professional development and National Qualifications in leadership at middle and senior level. 老师s work with professionals from a range of schools (including primary schools), to ensure the highest standards and best practise.

          In a world that is rapidly changing, our outward looking approach and continuous innovation in teaching enables us to deliver a modern, global education, which prepares our students to take their place as successful young women.


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